Friday, September 10, 2010

Por unos la LLev...

This happened a while back...........discuss amongst yourselves.......

Personally I didn't like the part that said begging for ... if that supervisor knew what people (customers) give us he would have an idea. I for one never have "begged" for anything the people appreciate good service if you provide it. At Christmas time we would come home with money and gifts the four days of the week...but then again he'll never know cause he just got handed that job in his second year of employment but then again that's Laredo at it's best....HAHAHA..CORRUPT...they should have sent that memo to CITY HALL.

Let the Mudslinging Begin

Maybe you have already seen and read this flier left at the windshields of parked cars on slaughter field but if you haven't read it and make your own conclusions.......One thing that really got my attention is when did those two deaths happen?? Can someone point me out to those stories of "Death at Slaughter Park"?

ps.  Checked out the webpage but no posts...but he/she reads la sanbe and que fregados....hmmmm.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Water Rights

Waste Age With all the talks about the millions of gallons of water being pumped out of the river I came across this article. It's a short one but it gets you thinking about what the bottling companies are willing to do for profit.

To Catch a Predator

I guess one can't even trust the people working at the library any more..Don't know how people can be sick enough to solicit a minor for sex. What are these kind of people thinking? SICK SICK SICK

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


There is a term that I learned about two years ago before I got the bug to start my own business. The term is called "diversion rate" which means what percentage of waste, garbage etc.. is diverted from the landfill to a recycling facility. In the pictures posted before what do you think was the diversion rate in that month excuse me months because the busy season starts in mid November for the downtown business and ends in mid January. So what do you think was the diversion rate for those months?

80% garbage / 20%  recycable       60/40    50/50    40/60     or write your own see if  you get it right...

Downtown Complaining......??

Why are some people reluctant to change? I mean I've been trying to get my waste collection business off the ground talking to customers but they don't want to change. They say "it sounds good but is the city of laredo ok with you doing this". What does the city have to approve for me to get your business. Then I got an answer they told me that sure I can charge a lower price for the waste collection service but they were afraid that the city would raise there water rates and still charge them more. Told them that I've never heard of them doing that if they just decided to switch services I mean there are others that provide waste(garbage) pick up service and that the city of Laredo has no say in it. They complain about the rates going up and I'm offering a solution and they hesitate. I'm talking about the downtown businesses by the way. One thing I do know is that downtown business is not as strong as it was a few years back. I just hope know they will come knocking my door and ask for my service until then I just have to keeping knocking, talking, etc.. to more customers until I get one then it's just downhill from there.
Pictures were taken in December '06

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Landfill at full Capacity

I almost forgot heard this week Gene Belmares talking to Pro8news about the landfill. There is also a rumor going around in the yard about Mr. Belmares being backed in his campaign for mayor by Mr. Southern Sanitation. Supposedly Mr. S. S. is a short time away or maybe months in opening a new landfill. Coincidence or maybe Belmares does care about the lifespan of the landfill. I think Mr. Belmares said that the process for getting land, permits, etc..etc... is a very long process don't you think if they knew that already they would've begun that before the landfill was almost at capacity??? Promoting and enforcing recycling would also help but no they're not into teaching or promoting recycling. Why do that now when a new landfill is about to open? They've always talked about privitazing the Solid Waste Department since I've been working for the city (13yrs) maybe this time it will come true......or I might be wrong. Time will tell.

*couldn't find the link at pro8news but he did come out speaking on the subject